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Ann Beman doesn't just write about outdoor sports and adventure travel. She lives them. Based in California's Southern Sierra Nevada, Beman is a freelance writer, certified whitewater kayak instructor, avid sea kayaker, surf kayaker, and canoeist, as well as a distance runner and backcountry skier. Occasionally, this motion-happy scribe parks her kayak, skis, and training shoes in the barn to juggle other far-ranging projects. She recently earned her MFA in creative writing from the Whidbey Writers Workshop, and serves as nonfiction editor for The Los Angeles Review literary journal.

As volunteer watergirl and course sweep, she has pondered the whos and whys of multiday expedition footraces through the Gobi, Atacama, and Sahara deserts. She has examined adventure racing in a number of outdoor publications and websites, while covering three Eco-Challenge races, in British Columbia, Australia, and Argentina. No wonder Ms. Beman waxes passionately about food and how it fuels us for our endeavors. As a freelance food editor, she has edited and contributed to books published by an independent press.

Before becoming a freelancer, Ann worked in Los Angeles as a managing editor and copy editor for monthly magazines, both trade and commercial. Her background reflects a unique mix of experiences requiring attention to detail, respect for deadlines, and outdoor fitness and leadership skills. She is capable of -- and delights in -- writing articles on sundry topics, as well as content for blogs, catalogs, newsletters, cookbooks, websites, and promotional materials.

Beman pens essays and flash nonfiction pieces, or parts thereof, on a daily basis, and is working on a book-length history of the human thumb. She clocks out for paddling, trail running, rock climbing, surfing, skiing, biking, anything dog-related, cooking and eating, travel, and college basketball -- especially when her alma mater, Duke University, is on the court. Her favorite food is pumpkin pie.

Ann Beman, freelance writer/editor
PO Box 681, Kernville, CA 93238